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Sign Posts :: Standard Road Traffic Sign Posts

  • Aluminium posts have a smoother, more polished finish compared to steel posts and are about 3 times lighter. Aluminium posts are used more frequently where appearance and weight is of greater importance.
  • Steel Posts are finished in a textured grey plastic coating and are generally used for industrial applications such as highway signs, and where larger panels are to be used. Steel posts are about 3 times heavier than aluminium posts.
  • Wide base posts are used when road signs require illumination to be added. The base of the post is wider to accomodate electrical fittings.
Standard Road Traffic Sign Posts

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All our signposts include baseplates AND post endcaps

Advice on Fixing Signposts
We strongly recommend the use of below ground base plates when installing signposts. These prevent the rotation or removal of the posts after the concrete has set.

Sometimes it is easier to cast a concrete foundation without supporting the weight of the post.

It can also be an advantage to undertake the groundwork before taking signposts to the site. In these instances it can be particularly useful to use foundation sleeves. These ribbed plastic sleeves can be pre-cast into concrete foundations allowing signposts to be light cast or sand filled at a later date.

Baseplate (left) Foundation Sleeve (right)

Sign Post Mounting
There is no hard and fast rule about how deep a hole should be dug for receiving a sign post but the table below is a rough guide and is a good starting point. If you are at all unsure, please contact your local civil engineering department for confirmation.

Post Height Planting Depth
1000mm (1 metre) 300mm
2000mm (2 metres) 500mm
3000mm (3 metres) 600mm

Wall Thickness of Aluminium Round Posts

1000mm1500mm2000mm 2500mm3000mm3500mm 4000mm4500mm5000mm 6000mm
50mm2.50mm2.50mm 2.50mm2.50mm2.50mm 2.50mm2.50mm2.50mm 2.50mm2.50mm
76mm 3.50mm3.50mm3.50mm 3.50mm3.50mm3.50mm 3.60mm3.60mm3.60mm 3.60mm
89mm 4.05mm 4.05mm
114mm 4.25mm 4.25mm
140mm 4.50mm4.50mm4.50mm 4.50mm

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