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Health and Safety Signs Categories Explained

All of our health and safety signs are available in multiple sizes and materials and comply with BS EN 7010 which are internationally recognised symbols

Assembly Point Signs - Green in colour, primarily used to direct people to an area of safety or assembly.

Safety Awareness Posters - A health and safety law poster is mandatory and must be displayed. Other safety posters are also available to instruct employees on specific procedures or give detailed safety information. Common posters are manually handling regulations poster, health and safety at work, fire safety and construction site safety. All our posters are laminated for durability.

Custom Safety Signs - Design your own safety sign online. Choose size options and style of sign including self adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic, foamboard, composite aluminium, zintec with or without stanchion, standard 11swg road sign, roll up sign with tripod or road cone sign.

Car Park Signs - Durable outdoor signs for labeling car park spaces and for providing instructions on where parking is not permitted. Also heavy duty outdoor spec floor standing A-board signs to direct vehicles to parking areas.

Catering Safety Signs - Primarily used by restaurants and commercial kitchens, these signs provide instructions on food preparation and storage.

Cautionary Signs - Yellow in colour, these signs are for warning people of danger within the workplace.

Construction Safety Signs - Durable outdoor signs usually displayed at the entrance to a construction site giving workers instructions on acceptable forms of behaviour and clothing required. The most common type of sign is the Site Safety Board which combines a number of instructions on to one sign.

Floor Safety Signs - Very durable signs designed to be stuck to the floor and generally used in warehouses and industrial facilities.

Electrical Warning Signs - Cautionary signs, yellow in colour to warn of dangerous voltages and risks due to electricity.

Fire Exit Signs - It is required by law to have fire exit signage displayed to direct people to the nearest fire exit. Green in colour and also available in photoluminescent glow in the dark material which remain visible in times of power failure.

Fire Equipment Signs - Signs to display the existence and type of fire extinguisher. Also, more detailed signs giving clear instruction on what type of fire the extinguisher can be used on.

Fire Extinguishers - Common fire extinguishers for fighting fires of different types. Depending on the origin of the fire, a specific fire extinguisher will need to be used.

Mandatory Fire Signs - Blue in colour, signs giving instructions on what MUST be done in relation to fire prevention such as keeping certain fire doors closed. It is also required by law to display a Fire Action Sign.

First Aid Signs - Green in colour, signs to show the location of first aid facilities and posters to explain certain first aid procedures.

First Aid Kits - Required by law, a range of varying size first aid kits and refills. Eye wash stations and burns kits.

Freestanding Warning Signs - Yellow A-Board signs to warn of hazards. Most common sign is the Caution Wet Floor Sign.

General Signs for the Office - Door signs, plaques and discs - Reception - Staff Only - Exit.

Hazchem Signs - Diamond shaped signs to label dangerous goods for transport or storage. Available as stickers or aluminium panels for large vehicles.

Health and Safety Books - Required by law, the Accident Report Book.

Ice Warning Signs - Freestanding stanchion signs and a-board signs to warn of slippery conditions to people and vehicles due to ice or freezing conditions.

Safety Signs for the Laboratory - Warning signs for the scientific and medical industry to indicate danger from chemicals or specialist equipment such as lazers.

Mandatory Safety Signs - Blue in colour, signs that provide instructions on what MUST be done such as keeping fire doors closed or wearing specialist protective clothing.

IMO Signs - Specialist safety signs for the marine and shipping industry. These signs are made on a photoluminescent material that glows in the dark for a longer period of time than the standard material. There are also specialists symbols used by the shipping industry.

Prestige Signs - General signage and safety signage made in attractive materials for use in prestigious environments such as hotels and restaurants.

Prohibition Signs - Red in colour, signs that show prohibited activities such as smoking, running and also deny access.

Projecting Signs - Perpendicular wall signs with standard or custom decals.

Recycle Signs - Informational Signs that show what kind of material can be placed in a recycling bin. Also a rnage of environmental awareness signs and stickers.

Safety Tape - Adhesive and non adhesive tapes to mark out areas of danger or prohibition.

Signs for Schools - A specific range of signs for the classroom and school car park.

Smoking Ban Signs - No smoking signs to conform to the smoking in public places legislation.

Toilet Door Signs - Discs and plaques for toilet doors depicting gender and purpose.

Vehicle Safety Signs - All signs relating to vehicle activity including speed limit signs.

Road Signs Categories Explained

UK compliant road signs for use on the highway or private road manufactured to BS873 in class RA2 / RA1 reflectivity.

Circular Road Signs Giving Orders - Red, order giving road signs that prohibit activity. Example: No Left Turn Sign

Directional Road Signs - Blue or yellow in colour, these signs show the direction in which a vehicle should go such as One way, keep left or diversion.

Parking Management Road Signs - Instructional signs for parking places, allowed times and payment such as pay and display.

Speed Limit Signs - Maximum and also minimum speed limit signs

Supplementary Plates - These signs display supplementary information underneath and existing sign and cannot be used in isolation.

Triangular Road Signs - Signs that giving warnings to vehicles. Example: Slippery Road Sign.

Vehicle Access Signs - Generally blue signs that give access instructions such as No Through Road Sign.

Wdidth or Height Restriction Signs - Signs that giving warning or orders about maximum height or weight allowed.

Temporary Road Works Signs Categories Explained

Chapter 8 BS 8442 compliant temporary signs for use at roadworks.

Stanchion Signs - Zintec (1mm aluminium plate) sign plate mounted on to metal stanchion.

Portable Roll Up Temporary Road Signs - Tripod mounted roll up signs. Lightweight and very portable. Can be weighed down with ballast bags.

Road Cone Mounted Temporary Signs - Composite plastic temporary signs mounted to either one or two cones depending on size. Non conductive and lightweight.

'Endura' one piece Signs - All in one sign and stand made from non conductive plastic. Quick deployment and stackable.

Sign Posts

Aluminium Sign Posts - Non corrosive, lightweight. Why use steel! available in varying lengths and diameters.

Galvanised Steel Post - Galvanised sign post to resist corrosion. Available in varying lengths and diameters.

Vyflex Coated Steel Post - Coated post to minimise corrosion. Available in varying lengths and diameters.

Wide Based Post - Vyflex coated to resist corrosion. Wide section at base to accomodate electrics for illuminated road signs.

Aluminium Sign Post Extension - 76mm diameter 1m post extension

Foundation Sleeve - Prepare sign post groundwork in advance. Posts can be light or sand cast at a later date

Aluminium Sign post with Welded Base Plate - For securing to the ground with bolts

Protective Clothing (PPE)

High Visibility (HiVis) - Trousers, jackets and waistcoats

Hard Hats - Head protection available as short peak hat, with comfort band or premium hard hat. Gloves - PVC Gauntlets, Rigger gloves, latex disposable gloves.

Eye Protection - Spectacles, glasses and goggles

Ear Protection - Ear plugs, ear muffs

Respiratory Protection - FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, Respirators

Road Sign Fixings and Accessories

Sign Fixing Clips - Stainless steel clips for mounting signs with channel to sign posts. ALso back to back clips and screw banding

Sign Post Finials - The finishing touch for a sign post. Shaped end caps that give a prestigious look to posts

Road Sign Lighting - LED road sign lights available as standard, dual or solar.

Road Bollards - Reflective bollards available with custom or standard legend.

Road Cones - Highway compliant or private use road cones.

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