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Road Works Signs / Road Cones / Amber Lights Interactive Calculator

Interactive tool to calculate how many temporary road signs and at what size you will need at a road works site. Also shows you how many road cones and amberlights you will need

Refer to the diagram below and enter in the details below



Basic Site Layout showing Safety Zone, Lead in Taper and explanations

The Works Area
The works area is the excavation, chamber, opening etc, at which you will all be working.

The Working Space
The working space is the space around the works area where you will need to store tools, excavated material, equipment and plant, etc. It is also the space that you need to move around in to do the job.

You must leave enough working space to make sure that the movement and operation of the plant is clear of passing traffic and is not encroaching into the safety zone, or adjacent footway or cycle track.

The Safety Zone
The safety zone is provided to protect you from traffic and to protect the traffic from you. You must not enter the safety zone in the normal course of work. Materials and equipment must not be placed in the zone. You will need to enter the safety zone only to maintain cones and other road signs.

The Safety Zone is made up of:


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